h. 9.00 

Farneta Abbey

Founded by the Benedictine monks between IXth and Xth centuries. Not to be missed the crypt and the little paleontological museum.


h. 10.00

Melone II del Sodo

Etruscan tomb of VI century b.C., composed by two distict tombs. A monumental altar platform was discovered in 1990.


h. 10.45

Hermitage of the Cells

Place of great suggestion and dated back to 1211, it hosted St.Francesco from Assisi, St. Antonio from Padua and St.Bonaventura.


h. 11.30

St. Margherita Sanctuary

Built on 1288 by the Patron Saint of Cortona, it’s situated on the top of the hill in an enchanting position.


h. 12.00

Girifalco Fortress

Wanted by Cosimo I de’Medici in the XVI th century and built on precedent roman and medieval  fortresses, it overlooks the whole Valdichiana.

By car




To visit in autonomy the most suggestive places


h. 9.00 

Departure from Villa La Morina


h. 9.35 

Monte San Savino (AR)

Through the doors you enter in the old city, characterized by noble buildings of the Middle Age and the Reinassance. We suggest the Museum of the Cassero, the Town Hall with its hanging garden, the Ghetto and the Synagogue.


h. 12.30

Lunch in a typical restaurant in Monte S.Savino.


ORE 14.00


The Castle of Gargonza is a precious proof of preservation of the medieval architecture, conserved with care and virtuosity. Not to loose the tower, the walls and the medieval Church of XIIIth century.


h. 16.00


Out of the time thanks to its original elliptical urban system, the only one  in Italy. We suggest a visit to the municipal museum, to S.Francesco Church and the Collegiate Church of S.Michele Arcangelo.


Return to Villa La Morina


Valdichiana jewels

By car



The beauties of Trasimeno lake

h. 9.00 

Departure from Villa La Morina


h. 9.30 

Boarding area of Punta Navaccia (Tuoro sul Trasimeno, PG)

The ferry boats to Isola Maggiore start from here.


h. 09.40

Isola maggiore

It’s the only habited island of Lake Trasimeno.

To see: Guglielmi Castle, S.Salvatore Church and the Chapel where S.Francesco d’Assisi passed the Lent in 1211.


h. 10.45 

Return to the car


h. 11.00

Castiglione del lago

Situated on a promontory exposed on the lake it’s one of the best villages of the territory. Not to loose the Corgna Palace, the Rocca del Leone and the old town.


h. 12.30

Lunch in a typical restaurant.

Culinary note: the most traditional dishes with fish of lake are the “Brustico” (fish roasted on lake reeds) and the “Tegamaccio” (a soup made with various fishes, cooked for 5 hours at least in a terracotta pot). Also to try the fried Persico filet and the Queen Carp “in porchetta”.  Not to loose a degustation of the famous “Fagiolina del Trasimeno”.


h. 14.30

Natural oasis "La Valle"

It’s situated in San Savino di Magione (PG), where the coast is characterized by the presence of a luxuriant groove of reeds. The Lake Trasimeno is one of the most important wet areas of Europe for the nesting and migration of many species of birds. The heart of the oasis is the Visitors Center, where a footbridge starts and costs the big groove of reeds, to reach finally the birdwatching posts. To each visitor a bynocle is free provided. 


Return to Villa La Morina


By car