The agronomist who watched the land from the sky


Michele Casucci was our cousin. He was born on May 3rd, 1911 and he lived in Villa La Morina until 1938, when he became a pilot in the war.

 He finished his studies with a degree in Agricolture at the University of Siena in 1935. He took care of the family business till the call to arms, that obligated him to leave the mother, in the meanwhile became a widow, alone.

During his career in the Army he fulfilled many feats, that earned him compliments and honours. His dream broke up when, on February 26th, 1943 he was tragically shot down during a combat above Sfaxs (Tunisy). 

His mother, in order to keep alive the memory of her only beloved son, supported the installation of a glass wall representing the Arcangel Michael on the façade of Farneta Abbey. Furthermore, she built beside the Villa a little chapel entitled to the same Saint.

For the naming ceremony, on June 16th, 1963 the whole village of Montecchio with the Bishop and the civil and military authorities  accompanied the funeral procession up to Villa La Morina, where the remains were buried in the family chapel, called  Chiesina.

There, even nowadays, we celebrate the marriages and baptisms of the family members. The guests of the agritourism  can enter  freely.